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We couldn’t be happier that you are here, taking a look at the redesigned We’ve added a lot of new content and features and we hope you will take this opportunity to check some of them out!

You’ve already found our new Blog, and we hope you will stop back regularly to get updates on issues impacting children and families.

You can now more easily learn more about CCC’s priorities and the work we are doing for children, on our new Children’s Issues pages.

We also have a completely revamped Data and Reports section that allows you to Search All Reports and Publications and gives you an abstract of each publication.

We’ve added a Press Room, with our current Press Releases and a CCC in the News section.

You can also check out our recent and upcoming Policy Briefings, Panels and Lectures, or Benefit Events or, even easier, our new View All Events page.

You will also see that many pages on our site, including our blog, reports and publications, events (and more), now have tags, which will be listed to the right or bottom of the content and allow you to click on any tag to see more blog posts, news, events or publications on that subject or issue area.

We want you to spread the word so we have also added sharing tools under the title of each page, allowing you to click once and share our content with your friends and networks via Facebook, Twitter or email. We hope you will share whenever possible and encourage your friends to Get Connected because our best chance to make a difference in children’s lives is to share what we know (and what you know) with as many people as possible.

As you browse our site, you will see links to all of this and much more. Please explore the main menus running across the top of the homepage and key menu items listed on the bottom of every page. If you have any questions about the new site, or about an issue area, use our Contact Form, or reach out to our Staff and Leadership.

Lastly, as always, our hope is that you Get Involved or Donate, doing everything you can to help us make New York a better place to be a child.


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