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What Does it Mean to Promote Financial Literacy?

April is Financial Literacy Month. Helping families understand how to manage and save their money helps them to pay bills and rent, purchase food and clothing, and save for the future. Financial security is critical to children’s well-being. Financial …

CCC Testimony: City Council Oversight Hearing: Poverty Trends in NYC

CCC testified about the increase in poverty in New York City and the need to protect social service supports for families at the December 12, 2011 City Council Joint Community Development and General Welfare Committees Hearing. The most recent U.S. Cen …

Securing Every Child’s Birthright

Securing Every Child’s Birthright (SECB) is Citizens’ Committee for Children’s campaign, created in 2005, to promote economic, housing and developmental security for all New York City’s children. The campaign calls on policymakers to go beyond short-te …

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