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CCC Statement: Regarding Governor Cuomo’s Plans to Reform the State’s Juvenile Justice System

Released January 5, 2011

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York (CCC) is pleased that Governor Cuomo has clearly stated his desire to improve New York’s deeply flawed and costly juvenile justice system; a system which currently fails youth, does nothing to improve public safety, and drains state and local budgets. CCC looks forward to working with the Governor and the State Legislature to close underutilized placement facilities and end the ludicrous 12-month notification rule that is leaving empty facilities open. The Governor also articulated a commitment to reform the system, “making sure our troubled youth populations are best served with meaningful programming, so that they may go on to live productive lives.” To do this, it is essential that the Governor and State Legislature re- invest savings from facility closures into cost-effective alternatives to detention and incarceration programs, which produce better outcomes and keep children close to their homes, families and communities.

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