Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice

The goals of the juvenile justice system are to keep communities safe from youth violence, provide rehabilitative services to youth who have been charged with a crime, and strengthen youth, families and communities.  The system includes juvenile placement and detention facilities, as well as alternative-to-detention and alternative-to-incarceration services, which enable youth to remain safely in their homes and communities.

CCC’s Work in Juvenile Justice

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York is committed to ensuring all youth and their families receive services so that youth can remain safely in their homes and communities whenever possible, and that those youth requiring placement receive the health, mental health, educational, and vocational services they need to become successful adults.

CCC advocates to:

Ensure youth can remain with their families and communities whenever possible:

  • We advocate for community-based services that reduce recidivism and enable youth to remain at home with their families and in their communities.
  • We advocate for closing under-utilized placement facilities, particularly those far from where children live, and for government to reinvest cost-savings into alternatives to detention and incarceration.

Ensure youth in juvenile justice facilities are placed close to their homes and receive the services they need to become successful adults:

  • We advocated for the Close to Home Initiative, which will enable New York City youth, found to be juvenile delinquents by a Family Court Judge, to be placed close to their homes and communities, in a new system administered by New York City (rather than New York State).
  • We closely monitor the development and implementation of Close to Home to ensure New York City’s youth and their families receive the individualized supports and services they need to lead productive, successful lives.

Ensure children are treated like children in New York and not prosecuted as adults:

  • We advocate to change New York’s law so youth ages 16 and 17 are treated as juveniles in the juvenile justice system, rather than as adults in the criminal justice system.

For more information, please contact Grant Cowles, Senior Policy and Advocacy Associate for Youth Justice, at gcowles@cccnewyork.org.

Quick Fact

  • 72%

    of arrests of 16 and 17-year-olds in New York State are for misdemeanors

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