Policy Briefings

Over-age and Under-credited Youth

May 10, 2012

Event Details

CCC’s Policy Briefing, Over-Age and Under-credited Youth, discussed the important work the New York City Department of Education and community-based organizations are doing to help young people struggling to graduate high school due to the limited number of credits they have obtained, as well as what more can be done.

It is critical to help over-age and under-credited youth overcome obstacles in their way to earning a high school diploma, attending college and ultimately having successful careers. This policy briefing brought together experts to discuss:

  • Efforts taken by the Department of Education
  • Programs and services found in schools
  • Programs and services available outside of schools, in community-based organizations
  • Thoughts about what more is needed to better serve over-age and under-credited youth

Download documents from CCC’s Policy Briefing on Over-age and Under-credited youth here.

Speakers included:

  • Gisela Alvarez, Esq., Senior Project Director, Advocates for Children
  • Tarika Barrett, Ph.D, Senior Director, Multiple Pathways to Graduation, Office of Post Secondary Readiness, New York City Department of Education
  • Lainey Collins, LCSW, Director, North Queens Community High School, SCO Family of Services
  • Gloria Rosario, Principal, West Brooklyn Community High School
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