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Addressing Poverty in the Next Mayoral Administration

December 16, 2013
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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Did you know that one in three New York City children is living in poverty? Despite the public programs, financial supports, and innovative pilots making a difference in NYC, more must be done to reduce and eliminate poverty.

As New York City prepares to welcome a new mayor into office in January, the time was ripe for CCC’s Policy Briefing, which focused on ideas for addressing poverty in the new administration.

An expert panel provided valuable insight on the current state of poverty in New York City, the programs currently helping families achieve financial security, as well as ideas and opportunities for combatting poverty when the next administration takes office.

The speakers included:

  • Mark Levitan, Director of Poverty Research, New York City Center for Economic Opportunity
  • Irwin Garfinkel, Mitchell I. Ginsberg Professor of Contemporary Urban Problems, Columbia University School of Social Work
  • Haidee Cabusora, Director of Policy & Advocacy, The Financial Clinic
  • Lori McNeil, Director of Research & Policy, Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project

Event Presentations

Child Poverty in NYC – Center for Economic Opportunity

Reducing Poverty in NYC – Columbia Population Research Center

Addressing Poverty in the Next Mayoral Administration – The Financial Clinic

Solutions to Poverty – Urban Justice Center (Safety Net Project)

Event Location

184 Eldridge Street - University Settlement (Speyer Hall - 2nd Floor)
New York, NY 10002 ‎
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