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Keeping Track of New York City’s Children

Keeping Track of New York City’s Children is the most comprehensive compilation of data on New York City’s children. The data and statistics in Keeping Track are the foundation of our fact-based advocacy efforts.

All of our Keeping Track data are available for purchase in a print edition or available in a free interactive online database.

You can use Keeping Track Online to browse the latest available measures of child well-being by community, borough, or for the city as a whole. Some of the child well-being data available include:

  • Child poverty rate
  • Infant mortality rate
  • Teen pregnancy rate
  • Number of children found to be abused or neglected
  • Number of homeless families, and
  • Percent of children without health insurance

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Keeping Track Online

Explore our interactive database and create customized searches of the latest available measures of child well-being.

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Quick Fact

  • 270,000+

    households with children receive SNAP benefits

  • 72%

    of arrests of 16 and 17-year-olds in New York State are for misdemeanors

  • 28,000+

    children in ACS EarlyLearn programs