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Securing Every Child’s Birthright

Published October, 2007


Securing Every Child’s Birthright (SECB) is Citizens’ Committee for Children’s campaign, created in 2005, to promote economic, housing and developmental security for all New York City’s children. The campaign calls on policymakers to go beyond short-term fixes and instead create structural reforms.

Key components of the campaign include:

Economic Security

  • Birthright Trust Fund, which would be an investment account for every child at birth to begin accumulating assets for college, housing, etc.
  • Increase the value of the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Establish a New York City Child Care Tax Credit

Housing Security

  • Create a time-limited housing subsidy for low-income working families
  • Create a renter tax credit

Developmental Security

  • Universal newborn home visits
  • Expand infant-toddler child care
  • Full day Universal Pre-kindergarten for 4-year olds and half day for 3-year olds
  • Increase access to healthy, affordable food

CCC’s 2007 materials on our SECB Campaign provide an update on our successes since our Campaign began and provide details of the initiatives we are advocating for.

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