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Oversight: The Impact of the Proposed “Public Charge” Rule on NYC

Published November, 2018

CCC testified before the City Council Health, Immigration, and General Welfare Committees on the proposed change to the public charge rule, which is one of a series of cruel, deeply harmful policies from the Trump Administration that target immigrant communities. This administration has been prolific in its promotion of anti-immigrant policies, ranging from policies to separate migrant children from their parents at the border, extend detention of migrant children indefinitely, limit the number of refugees our country accepts, and make it harder for victims of domestic and gang violence to seek asylum.

The proposed changes to the public charge rule would have devastating impacts on the health and well-being of children and families in New York, forcing families to choose between meeting basic needs for their families, or jeopardizing their immigration status. If this rule were finalized, it would mean more children experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, poor health, and poverty. The changes in these rules will hurt parents’ ability to meet basic needs for their families, and the repercussions on children’s health and development will be serious and long-lasting.

New York is a city of immigrants, and our local leaders have shown their commitment to making this a safe place for all children and families to grow and prosper. We appreciate this opportunity to work with stakeholders across the city to express opposition to this proposed rule and identify ways to mitigate its impact.

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