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New York State Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Ways and Means Committee Hearing on the New York State Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Health and Medicaid Executive Budget Proposals

Published January, 2013

CCC submitted testimony about the impact the Governor’s Executive Budget would have on children and families at the January 30, 2013 joint Senate/Assembly Hearing on the Executive Budget for State Fiscal Year 2013-2014.

CCC’s testimony commended proposals to promote collaborative care through the integration of behavioral health into primary care services, streamline Early Intervention requirements and integrate Early Intervention into managed care, including commercial insurers, Medicaid and Child Health Plus.

CCC’s testimony also applauded the State’s long overdue modification of its Indigent Care Pool methodology, which will help the state to maximize federal Disproportionate Share Hospital contributions and better redistribute resources toward safety net providers.

CCC’s testimony expressed concern about a provision to exclude vital primary and preventive clinic health care services from state aid eligibility, leaving these providers to pick up the tab for uncompensated care. Increasing the risk to these clinics further jeopardizes their ability to sustain a presence in the communities that need them the most.  CCC was disappointed with the State’s lack of support for the venerated Nurse Family Partnership program and the absence of dedicated resources for technological changes needs to transition t foster children into Medicaid managed care.

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