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Keeping Track of New York City’s Children, Ninth Edition (2010)

Published June, 2010


Please note: This item is currently out of print. There is a newer edition of this publication.

Keeping Track of New York City’s Children is CCC’s data book and online database of hundreds of measures of child well-being. It has become a must-read for government officials, professionals, parents, and all New Yorkers seeking to improve the lives of children. The data and statistics in Keeping Track are the foundation of our fact-based advocacy efforts.

The ninth edition of Keeping Track of New York City’s Children presents data, facts, and trends in child well-being in New York City in 2008 and 2009.

The data found in the ninth edition begin to reveal the impact of the recession, which began in late 2007, on New York City’s children and families. For example, by 2009 unemployment had reached 9.5 percent, family homelessness had surged to more than 14,000 families found eligible for shelter, and in 2008 more than 500,000 children lived below the federal poverty level.

You may also browse data online by visiting our interactive Keeping Track Online data tool.

Review the Power Point from the June 2010 launch.

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