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Focus Group Summary Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Food and Nutrition in Low-Income Neighborhoods

Published August, 2007

CCC and Berlin Rosen worked together to conduct qualitative research of how families in two low-income neighborhoods made food choices, so that we could test our food policy recommendations with those whom they were aimed at benefitting.

CCC conducted two focus groups, one in Mott Haven, Bronx and one in Red Hook, Brooklyn, such that a total of 29 participants provided their insights through both a written questionnaire and the focus groups.

Overall, participants in both focus groups lamented their current food options but were enthusiastic about gaining access to better quality healthy affordable food. While there was not unanimity with regard to the various options, most of those presented (such as free transportation to supermarkets, grocery delivery, and street vendors selling fresh produce) were appealing to at least some of the group. Participants understood the many health consequences of an unhealthy diet but were frustrated by their limited access to affordable healthy food.

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