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Emergency Coalition to Save Child Care Report: When There is No Care: The Impact on NYC Families and the Economy When the Mayor Eliminates Child Care for 17,000 Children

Published April, 2011


CCC is a member of the Emergency Coalition to Save Child Care, which released When There is No Care at its official launch in our fight to prevent the Mayor from taking child care away from 17,000 children.

On February 17, 2011, a footnote in Mayor Bloomberg’s Preliminary Budget Presentation announced that New York City would terminate 16,462 child care subsidies from low-income families due to a structural deficit in the City’s child care budget (at the Administration for Children’s Services, or ACS). This report lays out how this cut, totaling $91 million, will affect the children, their parents and their communities. The report includes a map of where the families losing care live and a data chart about the hardest hit communities.

Key findings in this analysis include:

  • Communities with high unmet need for child care will lose significant numbers of subsidies including Washington Heights where 370 children will lose subsidies and Unionport/Soundview in the Bronx where 486 children will lose their subsidies.
  • Communities with unemployment rates over 16 percent will be hit hard including Bedford-Stuyvesant where 684 children will lose subsidies and Mott Haven where 502 children will lose their subsidies.
  • Communities where less than half of the students are meeting state and city reading standards will bear a large burden of these cuts, including East New York where 972 children will lose their subsidies, and Brownsville where 543 children will lose their subsidies.
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