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CCC Testimony: To Better Understand How Child Protective Services Can be Improved in NYC

Published December, 2013

CCC testified about New York City’s child protective services a joint Assembly and Senate Children and Families Committee and Assembly Committee Hearing on Oversight, Analysis and Investigation hearing on December 5, 2013.

CCC’s testimony explained how both difficult and important the job of a child protective caseworker is.  The testimony discussed reform efforts that have been underway at the NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) aimed at strengthening the Division of Child Protection.  Notably, ACS has significantly lowered child protective caseloads, enhanced supervision and training and implemented GPS tracking.

CCC testified about recommendations to further strengthen the ability for NYC to keep children safe.  Recommendations included:

  • Restore the state’s share for child protective and preventive services back to 65%.
  • Engage in a collaborative process, which could result in legislation and/or funding, to ensure educational continuity for children entering foster care.
  • Ensure ACS and local social services districts have funding for post-permanency services that keep children safe and prevent re-entry.
  • Support the Judiciary’s budget request for 20 additional Family Court Judges, amend the Family Court Act to increase the number of Judges by at least 20.
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