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CCC Testimony: Public Hearing of the New York State Education Reform Commission

Published July, 2012

CCC submitted testimony about our recommendations to strengthen New York’s public education system to the New York State Education Reform Commission on June 26, 2012.

Governor Cuomo created the Education Reform Commission to explore ways to best prepare all New York students to be college and career ready and prepare students to become active citizens. As part of the Commission’s work to review and assess New York’s education system, explore best practices and models from other states, and ultimately make recommendations to improve the system, the Commission held a series of public hearings.

CCC’s testimony offered a series of recommendations to ensure New York’s students receive a quality education including ensuring every school has sufficient resources. The testimony also makes recommendations to the Commission about what New York State can do to help children start school ready to learn, keep students from falling behind once they are in school, and support their academics, social-emotional well-being, and health so they are able to stay on track for college and career success.

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