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CCC Testimony: Oversight: Medicaid Redesign 2

Published February, 2016

CCC testified before the New York City Council Committee on Mental Health, Developmental Disability, Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Disabilities on February 22, 2016 regarding the Medicaid redesign transition and its impact on the City’s children and families. CCC is thankful for the City Council’s long time commitment to mental health services for children and youth. In particular, we thank the Council for their consistent support and countless restorations for the mental health of children under five initiative and for being champions of school-based mental health services. We are also grateful to the de Blasio administration for its recent effort to launch and implement the Mental Health Road map, which is designed to not only reduce stigma, but also to improve access to screening, assessment, and referrals to mental health services. The City and the City Council have a role to play in monitoring the Medicaid redesign transition and its impact on the City’s children and families. The Council’s state level advocacy and city budget decisions will also play a role in ensuring that the service delivery system is prepared for the transition, that needed services are supported and expanded upon, and that NYC residents in need, in particular children, are able to access high quality services in a timely manner. Read our full testimony for background on the Medicaid Redesign Plan, a description of the current state of the field and opportunities for state level advocacy.

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