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CCC testimony: Oversight: Implementation of EarlyLearnNYC

Published October, 2013

CCC testified at a joint hearing of the City Council’s General Welfare and Women’s Issues Committees on October 28, 2013 on the implementation of EarlyLearn, New York City’s contracted early childhood system.

CCC testified in support of the City’s vision for EarlyLearn, to blend funding to allow for high quality, full-day, affordable early childhood education for as many young children ages 0-4 as possible. On the other hand, CCC also testified about the decrease in the number of children the City serves in the contracted system as a result of EarlyLearn and budget cuts and thanked the City Council for their continued support of over $60 million to ensure thousands of children have access to child care. In addition, CCC testified about our concerns regarding the EarlyLearn rate being insufficient, and the impact this has on providers.

CCC recommended that:

  • Current and future City leaders have a plan so that every New York City child can have access to high quality, affordable early childhood education.
  • The City start by baselining the one-year City Council discretionary funding , because relying on one year funding creates instability for programs, families, providers, and communities.
  • The City increase the EarlyLearn rate to ensure that providers are receiving the funding they need to meet the requirements of EarlyLearn and so that staff can have adequate salary and benefits.
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