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CCC Testimony: Oversight – Hunger in New York City

Published November, 2013

CCC testified about hunger and food insecurity, particularly for NYC children, and about a bill to measure food insecurity at the New York City Council General Welfare, Health and Women’s Issues hearing on November 25, 2013.

CCC’s testimony thanked the City Council for annually holding hearings on hunger before the Thanksgiving holiday and for all of the efforts of the Council and the Administration to address food insecurity in New York City.

CCC made recommendations to address hunger, food access and nutrition including:

  • Strengthen the anti-hunger safety net in order to maximize participation in food assistance programs.
  • Expand Breakfast in the Classroom and make the school lunch program universal.
  • Support initiatives that fight childhood obesity
  • Expand efforts to bring fresh, healthy foods into all NYC neighborhoods.

CCC also supported the concept of measuring food insecurity, as proposed in INt-1194-2013, but offered suggestions to make the proposal less onerous and costly for the City.

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