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CCC Testimony: An Update on Speaker Quinn’s FoodWorks Plan

Published September, 2013

CCC submitted testimony at a New York City Council hearing in front of the Government Operations and Contracts Committees on September 25, 2013 about Speaker Christine Quinn’s FoodWorks plan.  FoodWorks is a plan to improve New York City’s food systems. The plan looks at all aspects of the food system from food production to consumption and beyond.

CCC’s testimony highlighted the FoodWorks initiatives that are most critical for children and families. CCC urged continued support for safety net programs that enable New Yorkers to put food on their tables, such as initiatives that help eligible New Yorkers enroll in and use SNAP (Food Stamps). To feed more hungry children, CCC also recommended establishment citywide of specific school meal programs, like universally free school lunch and Breakfast in Classroom programs. Finally, CCC asked that current and future City leaders think creatively about how to use new and existing resources to bring fresh, healthy foods into underserved neighborhoods.

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