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CCC Testimony: City Council Oversight Hearing: Are New York City’s Public School Students Adequately Prepared for College

Published January, 2012

CCC testified about the story education data tell regarding college readiness and then provided examples of preventive and recuperative measures the City could take to keep students on track and prepared for college, at the January 19, 2012 City Council Joint Education and Higher Education Committees Hearing on whether the city’s public school students are adequately prepared for college.

CCC testified that according to our analysis of the New York State Department of Education’s 2009-2010 report cards, New York City’s school system has a long way to go to meet college and career readiness goals. Specifically, 42.4% of students in the class of 2010 met the City standards for reading, while 51.4% of students met the standards for math the same year.

CCC’s testimony recommends the City consider the following preventive and recuperative strategies to better engage students in school and promote college and career readiness:

  • Invest in quality early childhood education.
  • Expand after-school programs for youth.
  • Reduce the number of suspensions.
  • Invest in keeping students on track and engaged in school before they get off track.
  • Develop early warning systems to identify students at risk for dropping out and help schools target those students with supportive services.
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