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CCC Testimony: City Council Hearing on Resolution Supporting Proposed State Law Making Kindergarten Mandatory in New York City

Published June, 2012

CCC testified in support of making kindergarten mandatory in New York City at a hearing of the New York City Council Education Committee on June 12, 2012. The hearing was on the City Council’s Proposed Resolution #1330, which calls on the New York State Legislature to pass and the Governor to sign A.9861/S.7015, which would amend the State Education Law to make kindergarten mandatory for 5-year olds in New York City.

CCC’s testimony explained that making kindergarten mandatory would result in more young children receiving quality early education, reduce the confusion administrators, educators, and parents experience during the enrollment process, and ensure that the City continues to make kindergarten a budget priority. While current law states that children have a right to attend kindergarten if their parent(s) choose(s) to enroll them, many parents are currently discouraged from doing so because of the difficulties they encounter when enrolling their children.

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