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CCC Testimony: City Council General Welfare Committee Hearing on Fiscal Year 2014 Preliminary Budget Proposals

Published March, 2013

CCC testified about the impact the Fiscal Year 2014 Preliminary Budget would have on children and families served by the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), Human Resources Administration (HRA), and Department of Homeless Services (DHS) at the March 18, 2013 City Council General Welfare, Juvenile Justice and Women’s Issues Committees Hearing on the Fiscal Year 2014 Preliminary Budget.

CCC’s testimony opposed cutting the Teen Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (Teen RAPP) and emergency food programs.  In addition, CCC’s testimony expressed concern that despite the growing number of homeless children, the Preliminary Budget does not propose any initiatives to combat family homelessness.

In addition, CCC expressed opposition to the Preliminary Budget’s failure to restore and baseline any of the over $66 million of funding for child care that the Council restored for the current fiscal year.

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