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CCC Testimony: Campaign Finance Board Public Hearing on Proposed Rules for Disclosure of Independent Expenditures

Published October, 2011

CCC testified at the October 27, 2011 Campaign Finance Board public hearing about our concerns the proposed rules for the disclosure of independent expenditures in city elections would have on non-profit organizations, like CCC.

CCC’s testimony explained that the proposed regulations would require non-profits that spend as little as $1,000 communicating with the public about an elected official’s stand on an legislative issue 90 days before and election, that non-profits would need to file CFB campaign disclosures, an onerous process that would be very costly (12 scheduled reports plus to up 14 more before any primary or general election.) In addition, non-profits that spend more than $5,000 would need to report and make public all sources of funding, including foundation grants, previously anonymous charitable giving, investment earning and even membership dues.

CCC explained that advocacy organizations, like CCC, regularly communicate with the public about legislative and budget matters and produce documents and materials that could cost over $5,000, in our work to stand up for children- not to support/not support a particular candidate. In fact, 501(c)(3) organizations, are not allowed to make political endorsements

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