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CCC Testimony: Access to Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services

Published December, 2018

On December 6, 2018, CCC testified before the Assembly Standing Committee on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities on a hearing related to access to mental health and developmental disability services and supports.

In January, the State will be launching many of the core components of children’s behavioral health reform, making this a critical time to examine children’s access to behavioral health services. The transition of children’s behavioral health services to Medicaid managed care provides an unprecedented opportunity to expand preventive, family-focused services to more children in the community. However, substantial work remains to ensure this transition is successful, and to address broader issues related to capacity and unmet need. This is also a critical time to address supports for children with developmental delays and disabilities.

New York State is experiencing a crisis in our Early Intervention program, which provides evaluations and services to infants and toddlers with significant developmental delays or disabilities and their families. Due largely to years of inadequate reimbursement rates, several providers have begun shutting their doors or placing children on waitlists. This emergency must be addressed before it becomes even more widespread.

Read CCC’s comments on the transition of children’s behavioral health services to Medicaid managed care and the expansion of new home and community-based services, as well as access to developmental disability services and supports, including Early Intervention.

Read the full testimony.

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