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CCC Annual Report: 2013-2014

Published October, 2014


As we turn the page on the 2013-2014 program year, we have a great many accomplishments to celebrate. This year, our research and analysis has supported many collaborative efforts with government leaders, community stakeholders, and fellow advocates to secure historic commitments on behalf of New York’s children. Together, we’ve helped make it possible for over 51,000 4-year-olds to attend full day pre-k this year; to expand after-school programs to all New York City middle school students; to add 25 more Family Court Judges statewide; and to make the case for a commission to establish a plan to raise the age of criminal responsibility in New York, among other victories.

In addition, our comprehensive series of recommendations to make New York City a better place for every child has been widely distributed and well received by the city’s new leadership, creating a solid foundation upon which to advance policy and budgetary priorities that meet the full spectrum of children’s needs.

We urge everyone to know the facts, share the facts, and be part of the solution for New York City’s children. With the guidance and support of our Board and Advocacy Council members, and the expertise of our staff, we continue to engage more and more New Yorkers in our critical mission of ensuring that all of New York City’s children are healthy, housed, educated and safe.

Read more about CCC’s 2013-2014 accomplishments in the full report.


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