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CCC Annual Report: 2012-2013

Published October, 2013


CCC continues to build on nearly seven decades of successful child advocacy by championing policies, programs and budgetary investments that help to ensure all of New York’s children are healthy, housed, educated and safe.

In 2012-2013, we leveraged new technology to educate and mobilize New Yorkers to speak out on behalf of the city’s nearly 2 million children. Integral to this work, CCC released the 10th edition of Keeping Track of New York City’s Children and launched a new web site and an interactive online database. Combined with our existing online advocacy system and wide-ranging staff expertise, CCC is mobilizing thousands of New Yorkers and better shaping the work of policy makers and practitioners.

A central focus of CCC’s advocacy work is aimed to ensure that children enter school ready to succeed and, once in school, have all the support needed to do well and make college and a career a reality. This is reflected in our work on early childhood education and after-school services as well as college savings platforms. Additional efforts during this time period focused on family and youth homelessness, juvenile justice, as well as the health and mental health needs of foster children. In each project our goal was to ensure that the needs of the city’s children are recognized and solutions identified in a manner that produces better outcomes. Read more about CCC’s 2012-2013 accomplishments in the full report.

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