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Campaign for Children Impact Brief: New York City’s Diminishing Investment in NYC Children and Working Families

Published March, 2012


CCC is a member of the Campaign for Children, a partnership of the Emergency Coalition to Save Child Care and the NYC Youth Alliance, which was created to prevent the Mayor from cutting child care and after-school from 47,000 children due to lose care if the Mayor’s Budget is adopted.

The Impact Brief details the history of cuts to child care and after-school programs and the negative impact this will have on New York City’s communities. The Impact Brief shows that from 2009-2011, more than 43,000 New York City children already lost access to affordable child care and after-school programs.

Furthermore, if the Mayor does not restore funding, another 47,000 children and their working families will be shut out of child care and after-school programs. This severe reduction is due to several Mayoral initiatives and budget proposals, which will result in the dismantling of two systems designed to prepare children for school, help them succeed once they are there, and prepare them for success as adults.

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