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Campaign for Children Impact Brief: Cuts to Child Care and After-School Will Hit NYC’s Neediest Communities the Hardest

Published June, 2012


CCC is a member of the Campaign for Children, a partnership of the Emergency Coalition to Save Child Care and the NYC Youth Alliance, which was created to prevent the Mayor from cutting child care and after-school from 47,000 children due to lose care if the Mayor’s Budget is adopted.

This Impact Brief shows that neighborhoods already suffering from high rates of child poverty, rampant unemployment, poor school performance and high rates of childhood obesity will lose access to child care and after-school programs; the very programs that enable children to succeed academically, receive healthy meals, and engage in sports and exercise, all while their parents are able to work and support their families.

CCC and the Campaign for Children analyzed community district data for the proposed cuts to the Out-of-School Time (OST) after-school program and critical indicators of child well-being in those communities. The Impact Brief, including the data and a map of proposed OST cuts, show New York City’s neediest communities would be hit the hardest by the proposed cuts.

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