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2012 Infographic: Keeping Track of New York City’s Children

Published October, 2012


CCC’s 2012 Infographic illustrates key data elements impacting the lives of New York City’s children.

The data show that in New York City 1 in 3 children are living in poverty; 1 in 2 third-graders are reading below grade level; 1 in 50 children have slept in a homeless shelter during the year; and 1 in 20 children were reported abused or neglected.

In addition, the infographic outlines how investments in primary prevention services produce significant long-term savings for New York City:  For every dollar invested in pre-natal care, $3 are saved in the cost of care for low weight babies; for every dollar invested in pre-kindergarten services, $17 are returned in earnings and savings; for every dollar invested in child abuse prevention, $4 are saved in hospital costs; and for every dollar invested in after-school programs, $3 are saved by taxpayers.

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