Want to Make NYC a Better Place for Children? Apply for the 2014 Community Leadership Course!

Want to Make NYC a Better Place for Children? Apply for the 2014 Community Leadership Course!

“Many times I sat opposite the picture with Eleanor Roosevelt. I am sure that she rejoices in all that you are and all that you do.” – 2013 CLC Graduate Judith Brady about CCC

Participants in our Community Leadership Courses hail from a variety of backgrounds and fields. While some have worked on children’s issues throughout their careers, others are completely new to the world of public policy. Regardless of their level of experience, however, students walk away from our course with a unique perspective on the needs of children in New York City. After ten sessions of morning site visits and discussions with our expert policy staff, they are ready to hit the ground running and join us in our multi-issue advocacy efforts on behalf of children and families.

There are many ways to make your voice heard when supporting funding and policies that help children. Our Community Leadership Course provides the foundation for civic engagement by helping you know the facts, share the facts and be part of the solution.

By providing opportunities to explore data related to child well-being, and for first-hand observations of the programs supporting children and families, participants leave this class with the education necessary to recognize the issues that are crucial to our youngest citizens and the programs and services that  are essential for their success. Every year, adults graduate from our leadership course as informed and confident advocates for children who are ready to make change in their communities as well as in our city. They are a crucial part of our volunteer base and you can be too.

“You impressed me in many ways – the warmth of your leadership, the depth of knowledge of issues affecting women and children, and your absolute dedication to improving the lives and outcomes of children.” – Judith Brady

Get more information about the Community Leadership Course and fill out an application for the 2014 Course, which starts this September. Perhaps, next year we’ll be quoting you!

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