Thank you and Happy New Year

Thank you and Happy New Year

As the new year begins, we just want to thank you for all that you do for New York children and families.

You take action for children.

You use and share our reports and infographics, follow our email and blog updates, and share our work on Facebook and Twitter.

You attend our policy briefings, take our child advocacy courses and you support CCC financially.

And because of all that you do, together, we make a big difference in the lives of children.

Together, we sent 17,000 emails, 40,000 petitions and made 4,500 phone calls to elected officials to save 47,000 children from losing critical child care and after-school services.

Together, we helped ensure that youth involved in the juvenile justice system are better served through the passage of the Close to Home Initiative.

Together, we protected and secured so many essential supports and services for children including resources for children’s mental health, runaway and homeless youth, anti-eviction legal services and homelessness prevention, child health clinics, emergency feeding programs and food stamps at farmers markets.

You are the “citizens” in Citizens’ Committee for Children and you inspire us every day with your dedication to making New York a better place to be a child. Even with our shared success, 1 in 3 New York City children still lives in poverty, and while our work is cut out for us, we are confident that we can continue to change children’s lives if we keep working together.

Thank you and a happy and healthy New Year from everyone at CCC.


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