Sign on today – UPKNYC: The Campaign for Universal Pre-K and After-School

I recently had the privilege of being part of the launch for UPKNYC. This broad coalition of New Yorkers has joined together to expand access to pre-kindergarten and after-school services through a tax to the wealthiest New Yorkers. We believe that no child’s zip code or income bracket should stand in the way of his or her potential, and we stand ready to help ensure that this plan passes in Albany.

In fact, you can read a recent CCC editorial in the Albany Times Union on Mayor de Blasio’s plan. With UPKNYC, we have a rare opportunity to fund and implement the large-scale expansion of pre-k and after-school programs that our city needs.

I hope that you will take a moment to add your name to those joining us to make sure that every child has a real shot at success.

We have been advocating, along with our partners at the Campaign for Children, to protect and increase access to high-quality early childhood education and after-school programs for many years. Mayor de Blasio has proposed high-quality full day pre-k for all four year old children and after-school programs for all middle schoolers. To do this, the Mayor is suggesting a dedicated funding source, which would be a small tax on the wealthiest New Yorkers. This plan is supported by 65% of New York State residents[1] and will ensure that these programs can be truly universal.

The need for high-quality pre-k and after-school programs in New York City greatly outstrips the supply. U.S. Census data show that 28% of our four year olds are not enrolled in early education programs; and the majority of the children we reach benefit from only two and a half hours of care. Research also suggests that full day pre-k reduces income inequality and increases social mobility. In addition, high-quality after school programs, especially during the middle school years, are crucial for the success of children and the economic stability of parents.

UPKNYC is building a groundswell of support for passing this plan. More than thirty five organizations have signed on to the campaign already including business, civic, non-profit, clergy, and academic leaders. Read the press release for statements from the UPKNYC campaign launch on December 19.

Learn more about the UPKNYC campaign.

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