Pledge Your Picture for #EveryChildNYC

Pledge Your Picture for #EveryChildNYC

As we begin another year, we want to take this opportunity to affirm our commitment to New York City’s children. While there have been many positive recent accomplishments, such as UPK and after-school expansion, universal lunch for middle school students, added family court judges, and the commission to raise the age of criminal responsibility, there is still a lot of advocacy ahead of us in the coming year. We live in a city where 1 in 3 children lives in poverty, 25,000 children are sleeping in homeless shelters each night, 700,000 children receive food stamps, and two-thirds of children are still reading below grade level. NYC’s youngest are relying on each of us to speak up and take action on their behalf in 2015.

We were all children once too. And so we ask you to join us in our pledge to continue working to make our city better for NYC’s families by posting a photo of yourself as a child (at any age) on social media – including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – using the hashtag #EveryChildNYC. Start off the year off right by showing your support and be sure to follow CCC on all these channels for updates.

Not on social media? Send us your photo and we will include it for you!

Thank you for your dedication to CCC and New York City’s children.


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