New York Must Raise the Age!

New York Must Raise the Age!

Did you know that New York and North Carolina are the only states in the country where all children 16 and older are treated as adults in the criminal justice system? Did you know that children as young as 7 can be found to be juvenile delinquents in New York?

CCC and a broad group of other child advocates, as well as faith leaders, law enforcement, unions and civil rights groups came together to launch the Raise the Age NY Campaign! Together this group is urging Governor Cuomo and other state elected officials to bring New York in line with the rest of the country and treat children like children.

Not only is New York out behind the rest of the nation, but treating all 16- and 17- year olds (and some 13-15 year olds) as adults has negative consequences for both the young people and community safety because it increases recidivism rates, puts youth at higher risk of sexual assault and suicide, and inhibits these youth from participating in the programs that have been proven to effectively rehabilitate young people.

Being prosecuted as an adult means that these children are subject to having their teen-age actions on their lifelong records—which can inhibit their future access to education, employment, housing and immigration. This is despite the brain science research which has proven that the adolescent brain is still developing, making their behaviors more impulsive and their ability to be rehabilitated more likely than adults.

Learn more about the Raise the Age NY Campaign!


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