New Task Force to Provide Critical Opportunities for NYC’s Workforce

Congratulations to the City Administration for taking an important step forward in its efforts to strengthen our workforce and our economy. The “Jobs for New Yorkers” task force is charged with producing a set of concrete recommendations on how the City can better integrate its workforce programs and education resources to serve the unemployed and under-employed and create training programs specifically geared to jobs available in growing industries in the city.

Above: Median incomes in New York City by educational attainment for adults 25 years and older. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates (2012), Summary Table B20004; retrieved from American FactFinder;

We know that education and training are critical in providing opportunities for well-paying jobs that offer the support and stability that families need. The chart above shows that the average college-degree holder in New York City has twice the earning power compared to someone with just a high school degree.

In our Recommendations to Make New York City a Better Place for Every Child, CCC laid out a number of priorities for the new administration to increase the earning power and employment opportunities of the working poor and cash assistance recipients. Our recommendations include using the City’s economic clout to support and create living wage jobs, with particular attention paid to economic development opportunities in outer boroughs and areas with high local unemployment. We also recommend expanding opportunities to connect New Yorkers with employment opportunities in emerging industries through the Center for Economic Opportunity’s CUNY ASAP and Job Plus programs.

Our Keeping Track data make clear the need for efforts like these to boost the economic security of our families. The chart below shows all too well how median income has declined since the start of the recession in 2008.

We look forward to reviewing task force recommendations and to working with the Administration to increase opportunities for all New Yorkers to improve skills and obtain higher wages.

Want to learn more about income and employment trends in New York City? Visit Keeping Track Online where you can explore economic conditions over time through tables, charts and maps by community district, by borough and citywide.


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