Mayor’s Proposed Budget Modifications Will Hurt NYC’s Children

Citizens’ Committee for Children is deeply troubled by the proposed budget cuts released on November 9, 2012 because they would once again severely impact the City’s most vulnerable children.

Notably, in the current budget year, the Mayor’s Plan would help close the City’s deficit by increasing the cost of school meals for public school children who pay for lunch.  The 66% increase (from $1.50 to $2.50) literally means that the budget is being balanced on the backs of children.  In addition, programs such as mental health services for children under five years old and the infant mortality initiative are slated to have their budgets reduced.

The Mayor also proposed troubling cuts for the next fiscal year, which will start in July.  These include cutting thousands of additional children from their after-school programs, eliminating the Department of Health’s vision screening of kindergarteners and first graders, and eliminating some child care vouchers.

CCC is urging the Administration to rethink these proposals and find a more reasonable approach to balancing the City’s budget so that it is not at the expense of the City’s children.


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