Know the Facts. Share the Facts. Be Part of the Solution.

Know the Facts. Share the Facts. Be Part of the Solution.

You may have heard about it at our Celebration Breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria. You may have read about it on Facebook or Twitter. You may have seen for yourself at a community education course, an advocacy event, or in our Keeping Track of New York City’s Children database. Or you may have been told by a friend or colleague.

No matter how you heard, we hope by now it’s abundantly clear – New York City’s children need your help.


• 1 in 3 NYC children lives in poverty. That’s more than half a million children, and it’s the highest child poverty rate in over a decade. In some neighborhoods nearly 60% of children live in poverty.

• 71.9% of NYC public school 3rd graders do not read at grade level. Reading proficiency in 3rd grade has been linked to future academic success. That’s more than 50,000 children at risk of falling behind in school.

• Nearly 22,000 NYC children slept in homeless shelters last night. That’s double the number of children who were in shelters in 2000.

View our new Snapshot of NYC Children and Families for more of the latest census data available.

Also, visit Keeping Track Online to explore our data by community, borough, and citywide and to create your own maps and tables.


You can help tackle these issues. Share these facts so that more New Yorkers understand what our children face and can speak out about it.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our updates on the latest news and facts concerning children and families in New York City.

Forward our recent email on the facts to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to get involved as well.


If you haven’t already, please sign up for our e-network and stay informed about opportunities to speak out on behalf of children.

Together we can make sure that every child in New York City is healthy, housed, educated and safe.


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