Keeping Track: Measuring Risks to Child Well-being Across NYC’s Communities

Concentrations of Risk: Asthma and Poor Housing Conditions

New York City is home to nearly 2 million children from a diverse mix of racial and ethnic backgrounds. They live in many different household settings, they speak a variety of different languages at home, and they live in communities that are each unique with varying levels of resources and support. The diversity of our communities is one of New York City’s greatest assets. To truly embrace this diversity, we have a responsibility to make sure that every child, regardless of where they live, has access to the supports, services and opportunities needed to provide for their long term well-being.

CCC’s Keeping Track of New York City’s Children includes community risk rankings that help to illustrate the geographic disparities in child well-being that exist across the city. The risk rankings take into account 29 key indicators of risk – across eight dimensions of well-being – in order to identify NYC communities where risks cluster and children face many obstacles to well-being. The map above shows the risks to child well-being across NYC’s 59 community districts and illustrates the areas where more attention must be paid in order to ensure that we are addressing the needs of our city’s youngest and most vulnerable.

By identifying where risks are few or are many, New Yorkers can make well-informed decisions on where public dollars must be directed to maintain and strengthen progress as well as intervene to address gaps in service needs. Examples of such service needs are: early childhood education, health care, after-school services, among others.

It is our hope that parents, service providers, foundations, advocates, elected and appointed officials, and other stakeholders use the data in Keeping Track to advocate on behalf of all of New York City’s children. Together, we have the opportunity to let our voice set the tone for our city’s budget and policy priorities in the coming months, years and beyond.

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