June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month!

June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month!

Have you ever noticed how fruits and vegetables make up the colors of a rainbow? By using a rainbow as a guide, parents and caretakers can make eating fruits and vegetables fun for children and ensure that they benefit from the wide range of vitamins and minerals they need every day.

Now’s a great time to focus on creative ways to help children explore the many fruits and vegetables you can find in the spring and summer months. We’re spreading the word because we know that our city’s children need healthy foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables, to grow and thrive.   

That’s why CCC advocates not only this month, but year round, for programs that help families access nutritious, affordable fruits and vegetables in neighborhoods throughout all of New York City. 

Some of CCC’s latest advocacy related to the accessibility of fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables includes:

This is just a taste of CCC’s healthy food access work. We’re looking forward to continued advocacy so that all New York City families can fill their plates with colorful fruits and vegetables!

Check out the Food Rainbow Game on 

Visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture web site for additional resources to help make fruits and vegetables fun and appealing to children.


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