It is National School Lunch Week!

It is National School Lunch Week!

New York City has a lot to celebrate this year during National School Lunch Week — This past spring we had an important victory when the Mayor and City Council announced that they would make school lunch free for middle school students. CCC is proud to have been a big part of the Lunch 4 Learning campaign efforts to make this possible.

Making school lunch free for middle school students ensures these children can eat without having to pay or endure stigma. With one in five New York City children living in a home without enough food, the consequences could be dire because hunger negatively impacts children’s learning and health. Now we can be sure thousands of children can eat a healthy lunch.

But our work is not done!

Free lunch in stand-alone middle schools is a big step towards providing all NYC public school students with free lunch.

You can help us achieve our goal of making free school lunch truly universal. In the coming months we will continue to provide updates on how you can get involved with our efforts.

In the meantime, help us spread the word to families that lunch is now free for students in stand-alone middle schools – share this blog on Facebook, Twitter and by E-mail (using the “Share Buttons” above).


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