INFOGRAPHIC: Risks to Child Well-Being in NYC

INFOGRAPHIC: Risks to Child Well-Being in NYC

CCC’s newest infographic illustrates some of the risks to child well-being that too many NYC children face each and every day. The data presented illustrate that in New York City 1 in 3 children are living in poverty; 1 in 2 third-graders are reading below grade level; 1 in 50 children have slept in a homeless shelter during the year; and 1 in 20 children were reported abused or neglected. The infographic also illustrates that every $1 spent on vital programs and services for children can make a difference and create significant future savings in our communities. For more detail read on or view our infographic now.


One out of every three children in New York City lives in poverty – that’s over half a million children, a number greater than the total population of California’s state capital, Sacramento. This is a critical statistic, since poverty underlies so many other risks to child well-being. Children living in poor families and communities may have limited access to important resources such as stable housing, adequate nutrition, and quality health care and education.


Some children face great obstacles from the very start: one in twelve babies born in New York City is born at low birth weight, putting them at greater risk for serious health problems or future developmental problems and disabilities.


Access to stable and affordable housing is a basic necessity for New York City families. Unfortunately, over 44,000 children slept in shelters over the past year. Almost 20,000 children will sleep in a shelter tonight. The instability inherent in temporary housing settings puts children in shelters at greater risk for poor outcomes in other areas like education and health.


Third-grade reading proficiency has become an important benchmark for future educational success. It is said that in third grade, children move from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Shockingly less than half of New York City public school third-graders read at or above grade-level according to standardized test scores.


More than 90,000 children are reported abused or neglected each year in New York City. Victims of abuse or neglect are at higher risk of future unemployment and poverty due to negative impacts on educational attainment and physical and emotional health.

Investments in Children

The good news is that there are proven ways to combat these negative risk-factors.  Investments in primary preventive services not only improve outcomes for children, but are also cost-effective ways to improve the City for all New Yorkers.


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