Homeless for the Holidays… Again

Homeless for the Holidays… Again

More than 22,000 children will be sleeping in homeless shelters this holiday season. And some of these children spent the holidays homeless last year too; the average length of stay in shelter for families with children is now 409 days.[1]

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In just the last two years, the number of children in homeless shelters has increased 33% – from 16,637 in December 2011 to 22,063 this December.[2]

For the city’s runaway and homeless youth population (defined as homeless youth ages 16 to 24) the situation is also bleak. In a recent survey of runaway and homeless youth in New York City, the youth reported that they had been homeless an average of 927 days.[3] That’s nearly two and a half years!

CCC is looking forward to working with Mayor-elect de Blasio and his new administration on changing these numbers so that next year, children, youth, and their families can spend the holidays in permanent housing.

We are a member of United to End Homelessness.  Read our Roadmap to End Homelessness.

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[3] Lance Freeman and Darrick Hamilton, A Count of Unaccompanied Homeless Youths in New York City, 2013. Available at:


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