Disparities in outcomes in NYC communities

A Daily News op-ed published on April 11th outlines a plan to address New York City’s segregation problem, both in our neighborhoods and in our schools.  The op-ed – authored by Community Service Society President and CEO David Jones and City Councilman Brad Lander – discusses the disparities in resources and outcomes between communities of colors and communities with more White residents.  Among the issues disproportionately faced by communities of color: lack of transit and high quality schools and high poverty, crime, and asthma rates.

At CCC, our annual Community Risk Ranking looks at data on 18 indicators to rank communities by risk to child well-being.  The six communities that rank highest in overall risk are all at least 94% Black and Latino.  On the flip side, Black and Latino residents do not make up even a quarter of residents in the six community districts that ranked lowest in risk.

We look forward to working with CSS and the City Council to address the issue of segregation in New York City.  Visit Keeping Track Online to explore our Community Risk Ranking, additional data on hundreds of indicators of well-being, and our asset mapping tool to see what segregation means for New York City’s 59 community districts.

Read the Op Ed in the Daily News here.


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