CCC Urging the Mayor and the City Council to STOP THE CUTS!

CCC Urging the Mayor and the City Council to STOP THE CUTS!

It is June in New York City, which means that CCC is working hard to stop cuts to programs for children and their families.  We hope that you will help us!

Last week, the City Council held its final Budget Hearings. CCC was there with the Campaign for Children to ensure the City’s Budget Director saw exactly what we are fighting for. In fact, children from a local child care center, at risk of being closed on June 30th, came down to City Hall singing a song urging the Mayor to learn to share. The children then went into the hearing so that the Budget Director and Council Members saw exactly what was at risk.  Read more in the Daily News.

In addition, on that same day, CCC testified about all $210 million of proposed cuts to services for children and families.  These cuts include over $130 million for 47,000 child care and after-school slots, as well as runaway and homeless youth services, mental health services for children under five, child advocacy centers, and more. CCC also opposed the proposed increase to the cost of school lunch. You can read CCC’s full testimony.

CCC will spend the coming days down at City Hall urging Council Members and the Mayor’s Office to restore and baseline all of the proposed cuts. Help us make this the last year that we fight for the same services by:


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  • Chris Stern Hyman says:

    The children of NYC are our future. Let’s support them by urging our elected officials to make the right decisions and provide the child care and after-school programs they need. We also need to tell them that hungry children can’t learn. Don’t increase the price of school lunch. Funding for runaway and homeless youth gives them the services they need to be productive adults. Act now!

  • Mary Sikarevich says:

    I am so proud of the children at Chung Pak Day Care who participated at City Hall. I think it’s important to recognize that our parents go to every rally.

  • EC says:

    Cardinal Roger Mahony (1998):
    “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members ; the last, the least, the littlest.”
    The above quote says it all, as a great city we should protect our littlest members our children, and not treat them poorly. Thank you for your good work to prevent this injustice.

  • TAJ says:

    They should be a shame of them self, these children including my own child deserve to have a safe place to go while their parents work or go to school. The Mayor is full of crap who doesn’t care about the poor or working families, he’s only worrying about building new apartment buildings for RICH folks ONLY, how much soda we drink and bike lanes. SMH so sad.!!!!!! I cant wait until his term is up so he could crawl back under the hole he came from……

  • Rachel Epstein says:

    “And the Children shall lead” – It is never too early to begin teaching advocacy to the young!

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