CCC Launches New Keeping Track Online Data Tool!

CCC Launches New Keeping Track Online Data Tool!

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CCC’s Keeping Track of New York City’s Children database of child well-being indicators just got a lot more exciting! Today we launched a new interactive data tool that allows you to create your own maps and tables using more than one hundred measures of child well-being.

Keeping Track Online provides you with a user-friendly way to explore our data by community, borough, and citywide. You can compare data across geographies and view local and citywide trends. Sortable tables let you to see which communities face the highest child poverty rates, lowest infant mortality rates, or highest rent burdens with just a click of a button.

You can easily share the maps and tables you create with friends and colleagues through Facebook, Twitter, and Email. You can also download an image of your map or table to include in your own research, memo, report, or blog post.

The data in Keeping Track inform CCC’s advocacy efforts – and we are excited to offer this new way to share our data.  Keeping Track Online will provide you and all New Yorkers with a better understanding of the needs of children across New York City.

We hope that this powerful source of data can be put to good use, engaging you and New Yorkers at large to advocate on behalf of New York City’s children.

Try it today!


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