CCC Kicks Off 2014 with New Tools to Advocate for NYC’s Children

CCC Kicks Off 2014 with New Tools to Advocate for NYC’s Children

We have added two new features to Keeping Track Online that allow users to explore our hundreds of indicators of child well-being in new ways.

Want to directly compare poverty rates for Black and Latino children in East Tremont (B06), the Bronx, and citywide? Using our new Bar Charts feature, you can create customized charts to easily compare data across selected geographies and between various demographic groups.

Interested in exploring the conditions for children in a particular neighborhood or borough? The new Location Profiles feature enables you to view multiple indicators across multiple years for any location of your choice.

In addition to providing you with new ways to explore KT data, these enhanced features have also allowed us to expand the data we make available online. We have added new datasets in the areas of Economic Conditions, Housing and Community Life, Health and Mental Health, and Youth. And we’ll be adding even more data in the coming months, so be sure to check back regularly.

Know the facts, share the facts, be part of the solution. Explore new KT data and features now!


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, Economic Security, Health, Housing


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