CCC Congratulates the Nurse-Family Partnership Graduates!

“We all know: no one in this world does it by themselves,” observed Assistant Commissioner Deborah Kaplan as she addressed the recent Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) graduates of NFP’s Targeted Citywide Initiative.

These remarks spoke to the essence of the program Ms. Kaplan oversees, which provides NFP home-visiting services to first-time, high risk mothers.  The NFP Targeted Citywide Initiative specifically serves teens in foster care, teens under age 18, women and teens in homeless shelters and women at Riker’s Island. CCC attended the graduation as part of our role on the New York City NFP Community Advisory Board, which is a group of individuals and organizations lending their expertise to advise, support and sustain the NFP program. CCC has been a long-time proponent of nurse home visiting programs and continues to advocate for making more of these programs available to families across the City’s five boroughs.

In NFP, nurse home visitors are each paired with a client up until her child reaches two years of age. The nurse home visitors work to promote client self-sufficiency, helping clients navigate social support services, pursue career goals, form healthy relationships, achieve family health, and above all, find confidence in motherhood. NFP  has been proven to be effective at reducing child abuse and child hospitalizations while improving school readiness and maternal employment.

At the graduation, the nurse home visitors took the podium one at a time to present their clients with graduate certificates, marking the completion of their client’s program participation. Many clients used the opportunity at the podium to reflect upon their program experiences and share them with the audience.

As the graduates addressed an audience comprised of children, siblings, parents and partners, it appeared that the clients would have little cause for concern in “going it alone” upon graduating from the program. And while it may take a village to raise a child – as the old adage goes – the graduates are now confident in their ability to build a thriving, loving family.


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