CCC advocates for the Audible Alarms Bill to keep children safe at school

CCC advocates for the Audible Alarms Bill to keep children safe at school

It makes so much sense that you may think it is already the law. Council Member Cornegy , Jr. has proposed a bill to require audible alarms on all the side doors at New York City elementary schools and District 75 schools for children with special needs.  45 other Council Members have already signed on as co-sponsors.

CCC joined Councilmember Robert Cornegy, Jr. and other members of the City Council today, along with advocates, parents, and children on the steps of City Hall to support the Audible Alarms Bill.

The alarms will cost approximately $150 each, which is a small sum when considering the safety of young and vulnerable children. The timing of this bill is especially critical because the expansion of pre-kindergarten will mean thousands more 4-year-olds will soon be in public school buildings.

When parents send their children to school, they should feel confident that they will be safe. Audible alarms on the side doors would immediately alert school staff that a child has left the building. This would have prevented the Avonte Oquendo tragedy.  In addition, since the tragedy at least four children ages 4-6 have left their school buildings, but were luckily assisted by good Samaritans—all before the schools were aware the children were missing.

CCC will be supporting the passage of the Audible Alarm Bill and is grateful to Council Member Cornegy, Jr. for his commitment to making schools safer.

Read WNYC’s Beth Fertig’s coverage for more information.


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