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Making Children Part of the Debate

The Activist Bringing Tech Training to the Bronx

City Summer Jobs Programs Are a Key Front in the Fight Against Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination

Harlem Community Center Frets Over Summer Camp Budget Cuts

Evening Hours / Bill Cunningham (photos 14-15)

City Council will dance for free lunch (and other budget goodies)

As homeless population swells, New York City will add more health clinics at schools

Top pastry chefs serve desserts to raise funds for NY hungry citizens

New York Summer Youth Programs Defunded | BK Live

Criminal Justice Reform Again Given Little Attention in Budget Negotiations

Advocates, City Council Members Push Back Against Mayor’s Plans to Cut Funding for Summer Programs for Students

Advocates once again call on city to restore summer programs

NYC Gets an ‘Incomplete’ Grade In Early Childhood Education

At Hearing on Hunger, Council Presses De Blasio Administration on SNAP Participation

Day Care Centers Claim They’re Losing Teachers to Better Funded Pre-K

Advocates push on pre-K pay, with nod to de Blasio’s minimum wage move

Editorial: A Step Forward for Juvenile Offenders

Cuomo’s Pardon Plan for Youthful Offenders Draws Praise, Questions and Concerns

NY Governor Issuing Pardons to Former Juvenile Offenders

 Day-Care Costs Can Drive a Family Into Poverty Before a Child Reaches Kindergarten

Advocacy groups calls for equal pay for early childhood educators

De Blasio allies push him to act on pre-K pay disparity

Delays in McCray’s mental health initiative highlight challenges

EXCLUSIVE: Children from low income neighborhoods account for more than half of NYC pre-K enrollment

Coalition Urges Congress to Extend Charitable Tax Breaks

Turnaround Looms in Federal Funding to Prevent Child Abuse

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Plan in the South Bronx Stirs Anxiety and Hope

High Hopes for Medicaid Reform

De Blasio allies push day care, afterschool funding

Bob Herbert’s Op-Ed.TV: Jennifer March on elements impacting NYC’s children

City Responds to Complaints About Childcare Funding

De Blasio reverses decision to cut after-school program funds

EXCLUSIVE: Council members call Blaz to fund summer programs

Council Members Complain, and Summer School Money Is Restored

NYC backing off cuts to summer programs for middle-school students

Mayor Reverses Course, Reinstates Summer Program Funding for Middle-School Students

The Call Blog: Cuts To Summer Programs Frustrate Parents, Lawmakers

City Hall Responds to Protests, Restores Summer Program Funding

De Blasio pulls funding promised to after-school programs

Middle schools scramble after summer program funds shifted to struggling schools

After-school programs to close in low-performing districts

BK Live 5.7.15: NYC Kids Report

17 New York City After-School Sites to Close Despite Proposed Budget Increase

Evening Hours | Benefits and a Memorial

Capital Data: The well-being of children in New York City

NY1 Online: Executive Director of Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York Talks Report on NYC’s Children

Additional funding sought for afterschool programs

New York’s child poverty rate is slipping — but challenges still loom for city kids

Report: Latino Kids in New York City Have it the Hardest

Raise-the-Age Movement Gains Momentum

Children’s advocacy group on the benefits of pre-K

Cuomo pushes to ‘Raise the Age’: N.Y. is one of two states that charges 16- and 17-year-olds as adults

With ‘Raise the Age,’ Cuomo Continues Push to Reform Juvenile Justice

Child Service Disparities Found In City

NE Queens scores high in childhood safety

OPINION: New York’s Budget Debate Must Focus More on Children

There must be deeper and broader initiatives to improve the lives of at-risk children in New York City

New York City Children’s Services to Add Training After Fatalities

UrbaNERD: Neighborhood Ranking Reflects Degrees of Inequality

Capital Data: Report ranks neighborhoods for child well-being

Brooklyn, Bronx Kids At High Risk in City’s Well-Being Ranking, Study Says

Child poverty, teen pregnancy disparities staggering across NYC: report

New Report Highlights Well-Being of Children

Quality of life for many children on Staten Island ranks extremely high, citywide survey finds

Let Them Bake Baguettes: Programs and Promises Haven’t Banished Poverty in a Bronx Neighborhood

After 2 Deaths, New York City Adopts New Strategy to Protect Homeless Children

Stimulants Common for N.Y. Children on Medicaid

Prisoners’ Rights Advocates React To Retirement Of Rikers Official Who Oversaw Violent Facility

Capital Data: Child poverty in New York City

Improvement in Child Poverty Figures Demands More Action

Subsidies for the Homeless

Opinion: Keeping Youths Out of Adult Prison

Key Nutrition Program Hits Snags at Farmers’ Markets

Warren County getting another Family Court judge

COURTS: State to strengthen Family Court bench.

Rival Senate bill adds three more family court judges

Council, Education Officials Spar Over Free Lunch

Advocates Call for SYEP Expansion

Oh, Just the Attorney General

Evening Hours | Petals and Medals

Child Welfare Effort Avoids Taking Kids from Home by Giving them One

A Brownsville Sanctuary, 100 Years and Counting

Coalition for More Family Court Judges members discuss latest effort

Opinion: Albany Has Three Weeks to Find Pre-K Funding. It Can Be Done.

Committee Releases Report Outlining What de Blasio Should Accomplish for City Kids

Youth crime not an issue for politics

Advocates Weigh in as UPK Budget Battle Heats Up

De Blasio Appoints Chong DYCD Commissioner

The high success rate of pre-K

Will New York City Lead the Way on Pre-K?

Bill de Blasio Web Spot: “National Experts Agree” On Need For Universal Pre-K

Formal Beginning to de Blasio’s Plan to Expand, and Pay for, Prekindergarten

CCC Holds Celebration Breakfast

Here are Three Things the Next Mayor Should Do for NYC’s Youngest

Raising the Bar for Foster Care Health & Mental Health Services

Coalition Offers “Roadmap to End Homelessness”

Be Our Guest: The road to ending homelessness starts with a plan to provide affordable housing

Homeless advocacy coalition policy guide for next mayor, City Council

Measuring Poverty and the Income Gap

Local Advocates Support President’s Early Childhood Initiative

Charging Youths as Adults

Be Our Guest: Memo to the new mayor: Expand, don’t cut, child care and after-school programs

Backlash Against Clinic Closings!

Helping the Poor Go to Good Colleges

Advocates Push To Raise The Age Of Teenage Criminal Offenders

New York State must reform its Juvenile Offender Law (Poll)

Jennifer March-Joly Interview

Poll: Should New York raise the age for juvenile offenders?

Westchester County D.A. Janet DiFiore and Civil Rights Groups Press Albany on Ending Practice of Treating Teens Offenders as Adults

New York Democrats Push to Stop Trying 16-Year-Olds As Adults

Piden proteger a menores encarcelados

Raise the Age

Coalition Calls For Change To Age Of Adult Criminal Responsibility In New York

Children’s Advocates Say Prison System Should Not Treat 16- and 17-Year-Olds as Adults

Community leaders: Teens should not be charged as adults

Renewed Push to Raise Age of Being Tried as Adult

NY juvenile age should be raised, group says

City Budget Deal Restores Funding for Key Human Services

City Reaches Budget Agreement With Some Service Expansions, No Tax Hikes

Rally to Restore Runaway and Homeless Youth Services Funding

Report: Childcare Cuts Threaten Working Parents

Politicians, Advocates See End To City’s Annual Budget Dance

City will take over state’s full lockdown juvenile detention center in Crown Heights

CCC releases report: From Farm to Table: The Use of Federally-Funded Food Programs at New York City Farmers’ Markets

[VIDEO] Eating Fresh Eggs in the Food Desert

Fed Programs Offer Access to Farmers’ Markets in NYC

Message from Staten Island to NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Don’t cut after-school programs

CCC Youth Advocates Release MH Awareness PSA

Evening Hours – Bill Cunningham

CCC Honors Citi at Celebration at MoMA

Standing Up for Kids

Same Old Song and Budget Dance for NYC Youth Programs

CCC Launches Keeping “Track Online” Child Well-Being Data Tool

It’s Campaign for Children Call-In Day

New Coalition Unites to End Homelessness

Infant Mortality In Fort Greene Shows Progress But Hides Disparities

Council Members and Advocates Call for Human Service Restorations

Campaign for Children Fights for Early Childhood & After School Restorations

El éxito en la escuela comienza temprano

New report calls Bay Ridge Brooklyn’s best place to rear youngsters, outranking Park Slope

Report: North Brooklyn Leads City in Child Poverty Rates

Number of city children below poverty line on the rise

Advocates Cheer President’s Early Childhood Proposal

One third of NYC children live in poverty, says report

South Bronx, Central Brooklyn hardest spots for kids growing up

Children Already Feeling NYC’s Belt Tightening

Report: Child Well Being Depends on Where You Live

Children most at risk in Brooklyn, Bronx neighborhoods

Children most at risk in Brooklyn, Bronx neighborhoods

Report: Child Well Being Depends on Where You Live

It’s hard out there — in the South Bronx and central Brooklyn, that is — for a kid

Budget Cuts Could Put New Burdens on Family Court

Bronx Town Hall Meeting on Saturday to Discuss the Uncertain Future of After-School Programs

Child Care and After-School Advocates Push City to Invest in Programs

Campaign for Children Calls for Investment in Child Care and After-School Programs

No child should have to spend the holidays in a homeless shelter, but that is the reality for a growing number of New York families

De Blasio Proposes NYC Tax Surcharge on Wealthy for Schools

De Blasio Calls for Major Investment Pre-K and Extended Day Education

Public Advocate Tells City Elite He’d Raise Taxes to Pay for Pre-K

State Court Milestone

City Approves Final Budget for Fiscal 2012

City Budget Deal Avoids Fire, Child Care, After-School Cuts

Mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn’s Budget Deal Sealed with Kiss

Bloomberg’s Child Care Cuts Would Hit Neediest Areas Hardest, Report Says

Report Says Child Care Cuts Hurt Neediest; Carroll Gardens Parents: ‘We Want Affordable Care Too’

Campaign For Children Report Says Child Care Cuts Will Hurt Needy Communities

OST & Child Care Cuts Hit Neediest Communities

CUSSW Professor Emerita Honored by the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York

Breakfast Not Priority for Bronx Students

Supporters Of Sugary Drink Ban Rally On City Hall Steps

Cuomo Praised for Ending Food Fingerprinting

Evening Hours Bill Cunningham April Honors

Advocates Continue Fight Against Day Care Cuts

Child poverty growing in hip hoods: New Study

The Most Important Infrastructure

New CCC report Finds That One in Ten NYC Children Live in Extreme Poverty

Proposed Budget Cuts Threaten Subsidized Child Care

CCC Celebrates at the Museum of Modern Art

Michael Bloomberg’s Budget Proposal Elicits Protest From Campaign For Children

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