Act Now

With only a few seconds of your time, you can have an impact on policy decisions that will last a lifetime. Listed below are current opportunities to connect via email with your federal, state, and local representatives on pressing issues affecting children and families. We hope you will take action!

Take Action for Children

Support school-based behavioral health services

Urge Mayor de Blasio to ensure more children and youth have access to behavioral support services in schools.

Urge city leaders to fund programs aiding families and children experiencing homelessness

Urge Mayor de Blasio to better support these children and their families by increasing the number of social workers in schools and hotels and by creating an education support center at the city’s shelter intake center.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Urge Mayor de Blasio to address income inequality in the early childhood education sector.

Ensure Raise the Age is Implemented

Urge State leaders to fully implement legislation to raise the age of criminal responsibility.

Save Summer Programs for Over 34,000 Middle School Students

Urge City leaders to save summer programs for over 34,000 middle school students.

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